You can make lasting changes to your health. Let’s talk about how.

Who I Help

Looking to quit sugar? Curious about the Autoimmune Protocol? Hoping to lose a few pounds? Want to sleep better and feel more energy throughout the day? Stressed-out? Moody? Having trouble with brain-fog? Need help with your “quiry” kid?

I can help you make changes in these areas and more so that you feel ready to tackle the challenge of the day.

What’s a Functional Health Coach?

A health coach is someone who is trained to help you make behavior changes - whether that means stopping eating donuts or starting a daily meditation practice. Changing your habits can have a huge impact on your health.

As your coach I will help support your change journey by helping you uncover your goals, motivations, and resources. I am your accountability partner, your sounding board, and your listening ear. I can provide you with information and resources, as well as recipes, cooking references, tools, and apps to help you make changes and stick to them.

In my training at Chris Kresser’s Institute of Functional Health I have been learning about the science behind the lifestyle and dietary requirements for optimal health. I bring this knowledge to our sessions in order to better help you make health changes.

“Since I started coaching with Katie, I have much greater awareness, physically and I suppose emotionally, around how food makes me feel and what role food plays in my physical and emotional status throughout the day or week. I would absolutely recommend Katie's service to anyone...”

J.E. Barrington, NH

You’re ready to start feeling great? Work with me.

Let’s start with a 15 minute '“Meet & Greet” session where we get to know each other. You can ask me questions and see if you think I am a good fit for you, and I can see if I think I will be able to help you.

We can either meet online through video-conferencing, or, if you are local to South Berwick, Maine, we can meet in person at the Mainspring Center. Either way, in our sessions we will talk about what you want to achieve and how to get there.

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