You can make lasting changes to your health. Let’s talk about how.

“Since I started working with Katie, I have been able to “reset” myself. I have always been healthy, but found myself getting off track. I have also been able to work on long term goals, which I always struggled with previously.”

-- C.C. Severena Park, Maryland


Join me for a wellness group at Dover Public Library for people with Autoimmune Disease starting on March 6th.

Living with a child who has ADHD or Autism—or who’s just very quirky—can leave you exhausted and hopeless. Medication may have negative side effects, or it might not work at all. These diagnoses might seem like a lifelong sentence that your child—and you—just have to live with. 

But things can change. In this free talk, I will tell the stories of children like yours who now feel better and behave better—just by making changes to their diets, nutrients, gut health, and lifestyle. These are options that any family can use. 

Any questions, please email me.

quirky kids.png

Come along to learn more about how your child and you can thrive.

“Since I started coaching with Katie, I have much greater awareness, physically and I suppose emotionally, around how food makes me feel and what role food plays in my physical and emotional status throughout the day or week. I would absolutely recommend Katie's service to anyone.”

J.E. Barrington, NH

Why have a Health Coach?

There are so many ways you can change what you eat and what you do to feel better that is can be overwhelming to know where to start. And making lasting changes can be hard — how do you give up soda? Sleep 8 hours every night? Or practice meditation daily?

That’s where having a coach can be a game-changer. In our coaching sessions we will dig into your motivations for making changes as well as your goals for the well being you want. I will help you tap into your resources and strengths. Then we will combine these tools with information about what to eat and do for optimal wellness to find solutions that help you succeed in changing your wellbeing for good.

Can I help you?

The short answer is yes, if you’re ready to make changes to what you do and what you eat so that you can feel your best, I can help you do that.

I also specialize in helping people with Autoimmune Disease and families of Autistic, ADHD, or “quirky” kids make changes to support their health and wellbeing.

You’re ready to start feeling great?

Work with me.

Ready to dig in and make changes? Right now I’m offering 5 free sessions for new clients. Go ahead and book your first one so we can get started.

Got questions or concerns? Let’s start with a 15 minute '“Meet & Greet” session where we get to know each other. You can ask me questions and see if you think I am a good fit for you, and I can see if I think I will be able to help you.

For all sessions we will meet online using video-conferencing. In our sessions we will talk about what you want to achieve and how to get there.

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