Testimonial from J.E. in Barrington, New Hampshire

“Since I started coaching with Katie, I have a much greater awareness, physically and I suppose emotionally, around how food makes me feel and what role food plays in my physical and emotional status throughout the day or week.

I would absolutely recommend Katie's services to anyone who is interested in a deeper exploration of diet and nutrition as a factor in influencing overall health and is working on identifying and modifying diet choices that support physical and emotional wellness.

Something I really appreciate about working with Katie is the commonality around some shared experiences and the peer-to-peer framework that our work is done in. I appreciate  that I am talking to another person with a family, who's gone through some similar feelings or experiences and is farther along on that path to help guide me to where I feel I need to be.

Katie makes excellent and in-depth information available to me when I need or seek it (she's like my personal research librarian!), but she is mostly there to help me identify my own experiences and goals through guided self-exploration and to affirm them as I go through my own processes of questioning, doubt, enthusiasm, etc.

I think an important thing to understand, having never engaged in coaching before, is that this is not a series of sessions in which you will get told what to do, or prescribed a list of activities or particular diet, etc. This is both comforting and challenging! I think work such as this has to be embarked on with some openness and sense of self-exploration and with the understanding that the action and learning taking place is really meant to be self-directed and self motivated.

Another benefit of coaching with Katie, for me personally has been learning the importance of awareness as a skill. This is something I think I really needed and keep coming back to. I truly did not know how to be aware of how I was feeling and how it may have been impacted by my diet choices until they were literally hurting me. Now I try to practice two kinds of awareness — informational awareness where I can see diet options and choices (as well as consequences) more clearly because of the information I have gathered, and also personal awareness, where I am developing a stronger sense of when and why I do or do not 'feel good.’”