Testimonial from E. in York, Maine

Working with Katie helped me to identify and clarify health and life goals and overall vision. With these in mind, I am better able to make decisions about what to add, keep, or remove from my life. I feel more focused and better able to reduce barriers that were limiting my ability to reach and continue living my goals and vision. I am now better equipped to design my life to meet my goals.

The best thing about working with Katie was that I had protected time to think and discuss issues. Katie is an informed, attentive, and active listener and very knowledgeable about the health and wellness concerns of interest to me. What I didn’t realize we would do, and what I found to be very useful, was to focus on goals and a vision broader than only health. We did some exercises to help to this and I enjoyed doing those too. Through our discussions and my thinking between sessions, I was able reflect and think deeper about many issues and to see things from a new perspective.

Another way I have benefited from Health Coaching is that I have developed some habits that I will continue to incorporate including being specific about identifying health goals and overall vision. The goals and visions I clarified were not just focused on health but included an overall vision and goals for my life. It is easier for me to stick to good habits when I am clear about my direction.

During one discussion I had said, “I feel good on a low carb higher fat (LCHF) eating plan but not sure if I should be doing it,” Katie picked up on my uncertainty and when we dug deeper into it. I realized that my resistance was not specifically about the eating plan but that I was being influenced by some of the negative stories about LCHF/Keto eating plans. My hesitation also was due to broader concerns related to societal pressure about what is “good or bad” to do, which is often voiced by many different sources and platforms. Through our discussions I was able to realize and accept from experience that I personally feel better on a LCHF eating plan and that although I want to be well-informed I will be less influenced by all the noise. A good lesson for me is that if I have some resistance to a specific idea, to look deeper and see what it might be triggering.

— E. from York, Maine