Testimonial from C.C. in Severena Park, Maryland

“Since I started working with Katie, I have been able to “reset” myself. I have always been healthy, but found myself getting off track. I have also been able to work on long term goals, which I always struggled with previously.

The most important thing to know about working with Katie is that meetings are very client oriented and not someone telling you what you need to do. I found this very helpful because it helped me to understand myself better.

The best thing about working with Katie was that she was able to help me work through my concerns without directly telling me what to do. She was a very good listener which helps in working through problems. Working together also helped me to listen to myself more. Before I found myself listening to other people and not staying true to myself.

I think our time together was well spent and helped me to reset myself and trust myself and instincts more. I would not have changed anything.

Meetings with Katie truly helped me a lot. I strongly recommend her services to anyone.”