Autoimmune Disease

“In many cases, managing autoimmune disease and preventing (or at least minimizing) flares is within our power.”

— Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Paleo Principles

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The fatigue, pain, and brain fog that can come with an Autoimmune Disease can make it hard to get out of bed in the morning. You know that if you could make changes you would feel better, but where do you start?

This is where I can help.

I work with people just like you who are overwhelmed with the difficulties of an autoimmune disease. Together we work out a plan for you to make the changes you want to make, so that you can have more energy, a clear head, and a feeling that you are back to yourself again.

“In the beginning, I wondered if I should try a health coach or go to a traditional doctor. Health Coaching with Katie turned out to be a more effective way to deal with my symptoms. I was happily surprised by the powerful results I was getting from simply trying a few new foods and bedtime routines. This led me to be curious about additional sources of information. Everything I tried was easy to implement. In five sessions with Katie, I’m already feeling like a much younger version of myself. Thank you Katie!”

— L.D. from Hudson, MA

The best way to find out about coaching is to try it out.

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Here are some of the areas in which we can talk about making changes to support your health:


Together we can create a plan to get you onto a nutrient rich diet. One which gives your body the nutrients it needs to function optimally and which avoids foods that trigger inflammation.


Sleep is absolutely critical to health. We will discuss how to ensure you get all the sleep your body needs, every night.


Having people you can count on to support you and being a support for other people are key parts of being human. They also turn out to be essential for health. We will look at how you can benefit more from the support of the people in your life; how you can connect with more people; and how you can help others.

Stress messes with many bodily systems and even effects gut health. We will work together to help you manage your stress load and incorporate tools for relaxing and keeping calm, like mindfulness.

Joy, laughter, fun, and time to simply play help the body to relax and let the mind wander. It can be easy to let fun be lowest priority. We can discuss how to make it a part of your routine because enjoyment is important for healing.


Spending time outside helps our bodies to function optimally. We will work on ways for you to get some of the benefits of that natural world into your life — even if it’s just having some house plants.


When you don’t feel well it can be tempting to look on the dark side, but studies have shown that being grateful for what you do have can really make you feel a lot better about life. Bringing gratitude into your life can be simple and powerful. We can explore how this might work for you.


Pricing & Details

Your first session is free!

  • Individual Sessions are $50

  • 6 Session package is $40 per session = $240 total

  • 12 Session package is $40 per session = $480 total

  • All sessions are 45 minutes and are conducted on Zoom the free online video-conferencing app which can be used on smartphone, tablet, computer, or phone line.

  • We can meet every week or every other week or a bit of both! Whatever works best for you.