“Your child can be a ‘different child’ — the child he or she was always meant to be.”

—Dr. James Greenblatt, Finally Focused


Ground Zero

Life with an ADHD child can be exhausting and frustrating, sometimes even frightening. And finding the time and mental energy to wade through the mountains of information about how to help your child can be completely overwhelming.

It’s hard work. It can be lonely, isolating, and taxing, but I can help.

How a Health Coach Can Help You.

As the Health Coach for you and your child I can help you shoulder the weight. When things feel hard and overwhelming, I can help remind you of the many reasons you have for wanting your child to feel better. If you don’t know what to tackle first or how to do it, I can help you sift through the options, decide what is the most important, and then design small action steps to start things moving. And I’ll be there to celebrate with you when the action plans work, and to help you revise and regroup in the face of set backs and regression.

The good news is you’re already on the right track because you are looking for answers. Now all you need is help, and I’m happy to do that.


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Looking for help with any of these?

As a Functional Health Coach who specializes in ADHD I can help you:

  • Find information that is most important/relevant for your child

  • Find a practitioner who will seek out and treat the biochemical root causes of your child’s condition

  • Support you in making changes to what your child eats and does to better support their bodies and brains

  • Support you in implementing the complex plans given to you by your practitioner

  • Partner with you to plan action steps and then check in to see if those plans are actually working in daily life

  • Help you to manage all the different things you are doing to help your child

  • Support you and your health on your journey as a parent of an ADHD child

More Info on ADHD

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Tracey Long of Big Picture Health is a Functional Dietician who works with ADHD kids.